When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets of the next event usually go on sale online within a couple of days of our last event. Please stayed tuned to our social media for when tickets go on sale.

Where do I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets using credit card or PayPal on our Ticketleap page.

Will there be tickets at the door?

Yes. Unless we sellout in advance or stated other wise. Please follow and stayed tuned to our social media accounts to see.

Are all General Admission tickets standing room only?

GA tickets are first come first serve for GA seats. If all GA seats are taken it is standing room only. If you want a seat make sure you arrive early inline.

For Logan Square Auditorium you may be able to grab a balcony seat on the second level. Availability is very limited.

If an event is sold out can I still get tickets?

Sold out means sold out. You can always check social media pages for fans reselling their tickets if they have an extra one or can’t make it to the show at your own risk. You can also try standing in line on show days for anything to open up. But standing in line does not guarantee getting into the event.

Is this an all ages event?

Yes. All ages are welcomed unless mentioned other wise.

How long is an event?

Depending on the event a show can run from 3 to 4 hours long.

Will the event be streamed?

No. Unless stated other wise. Please follow and stay tuned to our social media accounts to see.

Does AAW have a training school?

AAW does not have a training school. Schools we recommend if you are looking for training are…

Black and Brave run by Seth Rollins & Marek Brave

House of Truth run by Truth Martini

Rockstar Pro run by Dave Crist of OVE