Fred Yehi

Name: Fred Yehi
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 187 lbs
Hometown: Waterloo, IA
Signature Move: Koji Clutch/Fisherman Suplex
AAW Debut: 11/25/2017 Unstoppable 2017
Championships: AAW Heavyweight Champion

Yehi came into AAW as a relative unknown in his first two matches against the likes of Shane Strickland and Eddie Kingston but quickly made a name for himself with a statement victory over Mance Warner at Unstoppable 2018. This was a wild brawl that went into the crowd and ended when Yehi slapped on the Koji Clutch and Warner passed out forcing the referee to call for the bell. After that, Yehi picked up big wins against Eddie Edwards, Killer Kross and ACH before winning a Four Way match at Art of War 2020 granting him a shot at the AAW Heavyweight Championship. Yehi would have to wait until May of 2021 for that shot and by that time, the man he made his name against, Mance Warner was the champion. Mance defeated Yehi in that match but would give him another shot in July inside of a steel cage. Yehi by this point had developed a more sinister and sadistic style and used that to great effect at United We Stand. At the end of this night he stood victorious over a bloody Warner holding the AAW Championship high in the air. Yehi had multiple defenses of the title against the likes of Josh Alexander, Gringo Loco and a returning Silas Young but was defeated for the title by Mat Fitchett at the Windy City Classic XVI.