Josh Alexander

Name: Josh Alexander
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 230 lbs
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Signature Move: Ankle Lock/Tiger Driver ’98
AAW Debut: 3/23/2013 EPIC – 9th Anniversary Show
Championships: AAW Heavyweight Champions (2x)

Initially debuting as a member of the Monster Mafia tag team with Ethan Page, Josh Alexander broke out as a singles act in 2015. He had a couple of big wins against the likes of Johnny Gargano & Ricochet but it was his match with Samoa Joe at Hell Hath No Fury that really cemented him as a main event player. The very next month he would win the AAW Heavyweight Championship at Take No Prisoners in a Triple Threat match against Samoa Joe and defending champion Eddie Kingston. This reign would be short lived as Alexander would be defeated by his partner after just fifty days as champion. A very serious neck injury and visa issues would largely keep Alexander out of action in AAW until he returned full time at Take No Prisoners in 2019 against Adam Brooks. Since then we’ve seen a more evolved and dedicated Josh Alexander. That was very evident by his performance in the 2019 Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament. He tore through the competition with big wins against Jake Something, Colt Cabana and Myron Reed before defeating Eddie Kingston in the finals. Not being a very patient individual, Josh cashed in his championship opportunity against Sami Callihan at Defining Moment the next month where he became a 2 time Heavyweight Champion. Josh would eventually lose the championship to Mance Warner at the Windy City Classic XV but he remains a constant threat to whomever is holding that title as evidenced by the fact that he made it to the finals of the Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament once again in 2021.